Test management made easy

odyX will give you the power to report anything about your testing effort.

Easy testcase creation

The foundation of any testing process lies in the creation of test cases to thoroughly evaluate your product. With the streamlined flow we have designed, you no longer need to concern yourself with intricate setups or other complexities. Simply input all the necessary information required for executing your test cases successfully!

Key Overview

Experience the comprehensive testcase overview you’ve always desired. With a concise status summary and efficient execution methods, the only concern on your mind should be the quality of your software product. Alongside the user-friendly execution options, you can conveniently add test cases to the regression set and designate them as automated.

When executing your test cases, you will also receive a detailed overview of the most recent test runs, including information on the execution method (manual or automated), the testing environment, and the person responsible for executing the testcase.


Analyzing every facet of your testing process and the outcomes of your test runs is crucial for several reasons. With the built-in advanced analytics and charts, you gain valuable insights into the status of your testing efforts within seconds. This comprehensive and detailed information not only helps you make data-driven decisions but also allows you to effectively communicate the progress and outcomes to your stakeholders. Good testcase analytics enable you to identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement, ultimately leading to enhanced software quality and better-informed decision-making throughout the development lifecycle.

Regression testing

Regression testing plays a pivotal role in ensuring the delivery of high-quality software. As demonstrated before, you can effortlessly add test cases to your release test list with a simple click of a button. Similarly, initiating regression testing is just as straightforward as adding test cases to your regression set.

Once you and your team have completed the regression test, you can examine the results. In addition to the current findings, you have the capability to compare previous regression sets to identify recurring issues.

Free to try, we love the feedback

Are you interested in trying out odyX? You can currently take advantage of its free usage and explore its features to your heart’s content. If you have any questions, feedback, or if there’s a specific feature you feel is missing, we encourage you to reach out to us at info@odyx.be. We’re here to assist you and value your input!

odyX and TQuality

odyX was developed by TQuality, leveraging years of experience in software testing. Our goal was to create a user-friendly tool equipped with essential features to empower testing teams and enhance their effectiveness.

The initial stages of odyX focused on core functionalities such as testcase creation and statistics. Taking valuable feedback into account, we swiftly incorporated test automation integrations, advanced search capabilities, and project management functionalities.

With each additional building block, we expanded the scope of odyX, incorporating a range of analytics features, regression testing capabilities, and simple configuration options. This approach allowed us to continuously build upon the tool, providing testing teams with comprehensive solutions for their evolving needs.